Ruling Structures

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Society promotes rulers into power which creates a top controlled society where our public institutions are being misused.

To have a social hierarchy is not in it self negative, on the contrary, it is a natural part of our societies to helps us organize efficiently and be more successful as a group. But today these natural behaviors are being used against us to control and manipulate the population. We refer to this as the ruling structures.

Promote Rulers into Power

We can see how the people that show a great willingness to comply with the ruling mentality are promoted to higher positions in school and working life. As a result almost all high positions in society today are occupied by people who follow orders without questioning and are more interested in gaining status and wealth than to do what they think is right. The top positions are in turn interconnected through even higher authorities until a pyramid of power is created that spans over nations.

Top Control

Through the ruling structure a small elite in the top of the pyramid can manipulate both politics, industry, media and most aspects of our society, without anyone interfering or even asking questions about what is happening. Many people claim that it would be impossible to have a global hidden agenda, but the ruling structures are creating the perfect circumstances for this to happen. The people in the ruling structure are largely unaware of what they are contributing to, but as they choose not to question their authorities they are not able to see the bigger picture.

Institutions of influence

Most of our social institutions are being used to protect the ruling structures and to serve the power elite and I will share some examples of how this is done.

Fraudulent Banks

To issue and circulate money is probably the most important tool in today's society. This power ultimately lies in the hands of private interests. Private banks have the power to legally create new money out of nothing, that is, without real value backing it and then borrow this money to the projects of their choosing and in this way they can control the development of our society. And by giving out big loans to individuals, companies and countries they create a situation where a large part of earth's population and it's nations is under the pressure of large debts. There is not enough money to repay all the loans with interest and this is causing both recession and inflation. With this powerful tool at their hands they have everything they need to control the entire ruling structure and keep the people motivated to continue their work day after day.

Make Believe Democracy

Our democracies give a false sense of freedom and influence. The system has been created so that only the big parties and politicians, that are promoted with costly campaigns have a real chance of getting votes and to come into power. This makes it almost impossible for smaller parties to ever get recognized. Honest politicians who are not willing to follow the ruling mentality are not able to advance within their political organizations. The leading parties end up to be no more than separate parts of the same ruling structure who act in the interest of the companies and lobby organizations that supports them. The system is rigged and there is little or no possibility to change it from within.

Controlled Education

To control our norms and our world view it's essential to be able to teach and reinforce the ruling mentality and our education plays an important role in this. As we already have mentioned, our children are beginning at an early age to learn the ruling behaviors in school. There they are also taught a rigid world view that many believe to be the absolute truth. There are only a few who understand that much of what is being taught is not necessarily the truth, but ideas, theories and speculations. Even fewer understand that some things are straight out lies selected by approved authorities to fit the world view of choice which gives us a distorted picture of our past and our present situation.

Normative Media

It is through the media that much of our social conditioning and norms are being created. Through news and entertainment we are constantly bombarded with conflicts and violence together with indulgence in material wealth, beauty and pleasures. The news are painting a dark picture of a dangerous word which creates an environment where people are becoming close minded, suspicious and fearful. People do not trust each other and look up to strong authorities to give security and stability to their lives.

The TV is a very effective way to influence us because when we watch TV we change to a lower brainwave frequency where our subconscious mind easily absorbs the information and impressions that we see. It is also a natural instinct for us to look up to successful and beautiful people and want to be like them. So when we see the characters on TV we subconsciously copy their behavior and in this way we get conditioned with traits like greed, rudeness, dishonesty, cruelty, dominance and submission, jealousy, fear and egoism. Many of which are planted there by intention to strengthen the ruling structures and to create a population that it is predictable, divided and easy to control.

Counter Intelligence

An important thing to understand for our success is that there is an international organized effort to counter act the growth of oppositional movements and ideas. This is carried out through the use of secret services like the national security agency who are actively protecting the ruling structures and will fight any opposition using several techniques of psychological warfare.


The most common method is to spread disinformation, where a large amounts of false information is being propagated mostly through the internet and the mass media. This can for example take the form of exaggerated and unrealistic conspiracy theories, false accusations of antisemitism or sectarianism as well as spreading a general negative image towards anyone who tries to expose the truth about our governments. This is an attempt to discredit alternative information by creating a state of suspicion, disbelief and confusion.

Divide and Conquer

Another important technique is to divide and conquer. The secret service is doing this by studying a group or movement that they want to destroy and identifying any issues that could divide this group into two camps. Then they infiltrate the movement and start creating conflicts around that issue on both sides. This creates an emotional drainage and the power and focus of the movement is lost. At this time it is easy for the infiltrators to take over the leadership of the movement and use it for their own purposes.

False Flag Operations

Then we have the false flag operations where the secret service creates acts of terrorism against the local population and then falsely pushes the blame on an oppositional group or movement. This naturally makes the people concerned for their own safety and make them willing to support acts of violence and allow more governmental control.


Many people believe that it's impossible that our authorities would harm and rule us. This reasoning in not logical, since our human history is riddled from beginning to end with endless examples of how the people have been ruled, oppressed, abused and murdered by their own government. To assume that our authorities have suddenly become benign and that all the dysfunction and suffering has nothing to do with the people in power shows a serious lack of rational thinking.

Our success relies on that people wake up from the false world view and understand how the ruling structures are used to manipulate and divide our people. With this knowledge we can find a common strategy to unite and take back our power!

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