We Are Starting The United Awakening

The time has come to unite the awaken people from all over the world in an effort for peace. Our first mission is to build the next generation platform for online co-operation, strategic planning and information management. A system that is independent and self-organizing. Now we have to secure a financial base and build a network of peace workers that can help to lay the foundation for our success.

It is time for the people who are dedicated to peace and truth to unite together in a common cause for freedom, peace and prosperity for everyone. UniteAwake has the potential to become the number one place to go for news, in depth articles, research and cooperation for peace.

We will create a social community platform that brings forward the best possible information and ideas from the users themselves and organize them to a knowledge base. This will help us to understand the world and bring forward working solutions and support positive actions that will promote peace. The heart of the system is a community based self-organizing rating system that will filter out the noise and lift the highest quality content to the public.

The main problems with the currently available social networking and community tools like facebook, twitter and traditional forums is that they are getting spammed and trolled with unwanted content. They are also open to manipulation by the companies that owns the systems as well as bots or fake user accounts that are manipulating the reach and type of content being shared.

By creating a system that is user moderated and open source no one will be able to control and manipulate the content. Everyone who wants to contribute with content will also have to moderate content from a subset of other users. All content will be rated, edited and organized into a meaningful context. Users who submit high quality content will automatic have a higher reach and will moderate higher reach material. By engaging in the community you will also be able to connect with people that has similar interest and live in your area so that you can join forces and create projects for positive action.

We need to create a network of peace workers that can help promote our idea and manage a fundraiser. The second step is to secure a financial base to fund the development of the portal. As soon as this is completed we will open a initial forum and start working for peace.

Mikael Cromsjö has been working actively with peace work for more than 10 years when he founded the Swedish alternative news site and peace activist network Vaken.se. Mikael is a senior IT consultant and a firm believer in mindfulness and peaceful action.

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