The Truth Revolution

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The United Awakening has Begun.

Hello brothers and sisters of the world. My name is Indra and this is United Awakening. I am a spokesperson for the truth revolution. In this presentation I will share with you Our strategy to unite man kind in a cause for peace and freedom for everyone

My name is Mikael. I woke up 10 years ago to the truth about the massive coruption within our governments. Sence that very day I have dedicated my life to expose the hidden ruling structures and to enpower people with the truth. Together with my wife and ally we have combined the most explosive information together with our unique understanding into a powerful strategy that has the potential to put an end to the corruption and rebuild society in the spirit of peace truth and compassion.

To get a clear picture we have divided this information into four parts. First we will look at the problems that we face, then we will explain the root cause of the problems, third we will share our vision for the future and finally we will present a clear strategy on how we will achieve our goals

There are those who believe that there is nothing that can be done to create change in the world, and so they suffer, surrounded by problems and sorrows. Others believe that they can avoid suffering by hiding from the truth, only to make the problem worse. But those who see that everything is in constant change, can let go of sorrows and rejoice at the endless possibilities to create beauty and happiness in each movement.

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