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We will gather people in a positive spirit to share our message of peace and cooperate by creating positive structures.

One of our objectives is to make our message and movement visible. The amount of aware people in the world is growing steadily, and if we can demonstrate our numbers for everyone to see, that would give motivation for many more to step forward and join our cause. We aim to regularly gather aware people in public places such as town squares and parks as well as organize parties and events. We will meet in a spirit of unity and positivity and our main goals are to have a good time and to organize ourselves. Together with our friends and allies we will celebrate life, create new bonds of friendship and condense our combined intelligence in to blueprints for positive action.

We want to make ourselves seen as much as possible by showing our message to everyone. Put up flags and signs and wear pins and t-shirts with a short positive messages such as: Peace, Sovereignty, Unity, Awakening, Love, Truth, Freedom and Positivity. It's good to hand out short printouts from your strategic overview and to share material about the united awakening strategy. You can also sell t-shirts and pins with our positive message. Remember, this is a movement for everyone, all our minor differences like age, sex, race and background are not important. We are looking forward to seeing diverse gatherings where we all come together to voice our shared desire for peace, unity and freedom. Young and old, man and woman, rich and poor, black, yellow, red and white, let's come together and unite!


The next thing we recommend you to do is to organize a gathering where you can create a positive structure in an open space. Find a good place like a park, set a date and invite friends to come. At the gathering the first focus is to have a good time and make new friends. After half an hour you can invite everyone who is dedicated to peace to sit down in circles of five people each to share ideas about the current situation and what we can do to create positive change. Before the circles begin, explain how to conduct a circle and make a short introduction to the structure of the strategic overview. Everyone will get five minutes each to speak in their group. Set a timer and start the circles with a signal. When the time is out signal again and take a moment for everyone to come to an end. Then continue in the same way until all five in every group have spoken. When everyone is done you can ask the circles to take the last five minutes to choose a trustee among themselves.

When the first round of circles are done ask all chosen trustees to come back again for the next round after a 15 minute break. Tell everyone else that they are welcome to sit in and listen or just enjoy the gathering. Continue having new rounds of circles until there is only one circle left. This is the center circle and it will be held in a similar way but this time everyone will be invited to listen. You can accomplish this by creating a big circle around the center circle, or having the center circle on a stage. If you have a large crowd you can use a microphone and a sound system. Then start the last circle where the people speaking will have the opportunity to be heard by everyone and make recommendations for group action.

After the talking has ended you can invite everyone to the next gathering and ask them to bring their friends along. Then you can continue enjoying the gathering and networking with the people. A gathering can be of any size. You can start with only your own circle and over time the amount of circles will increase until thousands of people will come together and unite.

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