Reformation of Society

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We need to have responsible banking, a positive democracy as well as a system to share our natural resources and technological achievements.

In this last part we will take a look at what we believe to be some of the most important reformations that we want to see in our societies.

The privates banks have a great power that is being used for personal gain. To resolve this problem all debt that is created as credit without value backing it is to be considered fraudulent. No interest should be paid on fraudulent debts and all interest already payed on these debts must be returned. We must put a stop to the bailouts of these banks and their assets should be used to cover their depths to the people. The power to issue and circulate money must be limited to banks that we trust and that are serving us without self interest. This money will then be used to fund holistic projects that will benefit the society. Ultimately the power to issue money must be decentralized to your local community bank that is governed by a positive structure.

Positive Democracy

Our current democracy is not functioning and needs to be reformed so that it is representing the people through the use of positive structures. To achieved this we need to change the voting procedure so that it resembles the circles of trust where we only vote on a small number of people in our local community that we know and trust. We need to base our society on personal sovereignty and keep the power to choose our way of life in our homes and communities. To do this we first have to regain national sovereignty and then continue to decentralize power until it is back in our own hands.

Shared Natural Resources

Todays ownership structure is based on thousands of years of stealing and plundering and must be considered unlawful. Our natural resources belong to everyone and the ownership and surplus must be shared equally. We must also reserve large areas for wildlife so that animals can live in their natural habitat. Everyone will have the right to their own private piece of land and until all land has been transferred back to the people we propose that to claim unused and ill-treated land is made fully legal and encouraged.

Open Source Technology

All copyrighted material has to be given to the people free to replicate and use after a minimal period of exclusive rights. In this way we could create standardized technology that is low cost, efficient and easy to make and repair. This would also open up for revolutionizing technology that has been suppressed to be made public and used for the benefit of everyone. To do this would instantly make way for an optimization of resource usage and make a new industrial revolution possible.

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