Circles of Trust

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We show how we can focus our efforts and create positive structures with small independent freedom groups.

Dedication to peace

We want to work for the benefit of all living beings, To help each other to do good and avoid hurting anyone To understand the world and get closer to the truth, And to create peace on our planet and in our minds. We invite everyone who share the same intentions to use our strategies in their own work.

Mission Statement

Our strategy is simple and direct. We will create a network of independent groups to increase unity within and in-between all people, groups and movements so that we can act together in a common cause for peace and freedom. We will come together in large numbers to share our knowledge, friendship and positivity while at the same time displaying our message of freedom and unity.

Strategic Overview

The first thing that we want you to do is to create a strategic overview. The overview consists of four parts. First make a list of the most important problems. Second an analysis of the root causes of these problems. Third, a vision for the future. And last a three part strategy that includes plans for what you can do in your community, a code of conduct that brings out our most positive qualities and a list of possible solutions for our world problems. The strategic overview can be created as a mind map or written down as a document. Make sure to only write down the most important issues of all. Use the overview to focus your efforts and keep your direction. The layout is almost the same as this presentation and it can be used as a template for your own work.

Circles of Trust

Our system of organization is designed to create a structure that is difficult to infiltrate and manipulate and at the same time efficient and focused. Where everyone has the possibility to get their voice heard and to contribute to the outcome. Now I will explain how you can start your own freedom group and become a part of the truth revolution.

Create a Circle

Now we want you to introduce your friends to the united awakening peace strategy and invite them to be part of a circle which is a group of no more then five people. When you have reached five members continue to invite new people but prepare to split the group into two new circles. In this way the groups can multiply and spread in new directions.

Each group will act autonomously and have a shared leadership where all decisions will be made with consensus. Everyone will have the possibility to express their point of view in confidence and have the time to listen and give support to each other. To have small groups protects us from negative group behavior where the ruling mentality easily takes over and leaves the group with inefficient meetings, conflicts and power struggles.

The independent circles are the core of our movement where we can develop friendship, support each other and carry out projects together.

Conduct a Circle

When you hold a circle make sure to respect everyones word and time. This means to let everyone speak to the point without interruption and that everyone gets equal amount of time to speak. We recommend using a talking stick and if needed a timer, to make things easier and more efficient. Begin by sitting down in a circle and share information from your strategy. When everyone has spoken, you compile a new strategic overview together. Before the meeting is over the circle will agree on one of you to be chosen as a trustee. The trustee will represent the group as a whole when needed and should be someone that you trust and believe to have many positive qualities. A new trustee can be chosen at any time.

Create a Positive Structure

To cooperate in between groups you can create what we call a positive structure. Begin by gathering trustees from different groups and create a new circle with no more than five people where you share your strategic overview with each other. This information will then once again be compiled into a new overview. End by choosing a new trustee for this group. This newly formed group can connect 25 people and we refer to this as a circle of the second degree and the trustee chosen for this group will be called a trustee of the second degree.

If you want to connect even more people the same procedure can continue by creating a circle of the 3:d degree which can connect a maximum of 125 people. This can continue until everyone is a part of the positive structure. The circle of the highest degree is called the center circle and consist of some of the most trusted and respected people from all groups and the strategies that they present can contain the best ideas from everyone.

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