The United Awakening Strategic Overview

To get a clear picture we have divided this information into four parts. First we will look at the problems that we face, then we will explain the root of the problems, third we will share our vision for the future and finally we will present a clear strategy on how we will achieve it. There are those who believe that there is nothing that can be done to create change in the world, and so they suffer, surrounded by problems and sorrows. Others believe that they can avoid suffering by hiding from the truth, only to make the problem worse. But those who see that everything is in constant change, can let go of sorrows and rejoice at the endless possibilities to create beauty and happiness in every movement.

I´m now going to talk about the problems we are facing today in our society that need to be dealt with in order restore balance to the earth and it´s inhabitants, and I will focus on the issues that seem most urgent to us. To understand the problems is the seed that brings change, and with the right conditions it will grow and break through every obstacle in its way.

The Problem

Environment and Resource Management

Uneven Distribution

Today we can see that a few percent of the population have claimed ownership of the majority of the land, resources and wealth of the earth. Meanwhile most of the people have to spend the majority of their lifetime working hard to be able to get a share of the resources and to eventually own their own house. In a similar but more extreme way the resources of the third world countries are being taken away from their people and are shipped away to the rich countries leaving many millions of people in poverty, without the basic necessities for survival. The great injustice and suffering this causes for us all is clear for everyone to see.


Forests are being cut down all over the earth in a fast rate leaving the ground bare, dry and unprotected which causes the springs and rivers to dry out. Monoculture farming and forest plantations depletes the soils and modern agriculture poisons the earth with herbicides, pesticides and chemical fertilizers. This is causing the earth's resources to diminish and makes it harder and harder for the earth to regenerate. This is clearly a great threat to us because we depend on fresh water and fertile soils for our survival and they are becoming scarce resources.


Every day our environment is being polluted with huge amounts of industrial waste that is full of toxins and this enters our eco-system and causes great distress for humans, animals and plant life. We also see other disturbing threats like nuclear power, genetically manipulated crops, seed sterilization, radiation from mobile devices, and pollution from airplanes, all that have a negative effect on life of unknown proportion.


And maybe the saddest thing of all is that our resources are in the end being wasted. They are turned in to products that are not created to last and often break quickly after they reach the consumer. On top of this our culture encourages us to buy new things and replace the old ones, even if they still work. This creates another problem of enormous amounts of trash building up and releasing toxins into our environment. Our beautiful green planet is being exploited and slowly turned in to wasteland while our precious resources are being turned in to mountains of garbage.

Mental and Physical Health

Low Food Quality

Our food that is coming from the industrial agriculture is polluted and have a low nutritional value. This food is then processed and refined which further takes away nutrition. Then additives like flavor enhancers, artificial sweeteners and preservatives are added which can be very difficult for the body to process. We are also subjected to hazardous substances like chloride in the drinking water, fluoride in the toothpaste and chemicals from all kinds of beauty and household products. This leaves us with a lack of important nutrients and at the same time creates a buildup of toxins in our bodies which can only lead to serious health problems.

Dangerous Medicine

Then we try to resolve our health problems with medication. But our modern medicine is also using high amounts of chemicals that are hard for the body to get rid of and that are sometimes highly dangerous, like in the case of certain vaccines. And even though they may temporarily relieve the symptoms, they often leave us in a worse state of health than we were before. At the same time natural medicine is being regulated and can be difficult to come by, and when it comes to one of the most powerful natural remedies, medical cannabis, it is now illegal even though it is an incredibly potent and safe medicine that has been used for thousands of years.

Unhappiness and Suffering

It is clear that our modern way of life is not providing the quality of life that we seek. Many people feel unhappy, sick and without purpose, trying to comfort themselves with temporary pleasures. Our communities and our cultures have been shattered and people live lonely, isolated lives working with routine jobs or sitting in front of their tv´s and computer screens. People do not treat each other with love and kindness, but instead often talk maliciously behind each others back or treat each other with disrespect and violence.

We can also see that the animals in the meat industry are living under terrible conditions and are treated with horrifying cruelty.

Discrimination and Cruelty

Throughout our history and still to this day we can see how people have been turning against each other in ruthless acts of violence and cruelty. We have racism, where whole groups of people are being treated like second class citizens or are persecuted, harassed and murdered. We have many other forms of discrimination, like in the case of the suppression of women who have been abused, forced into submission and kept away from positions of influence. Slavery still exists today, where even children are forced to work long days under bad conditions for little or no payment. Even more horrifying is that women and children are being forced in to a nightmare of prostitution. And history is filled with examples of genocide, where whole populations are murdered. These and many other atrocities have been going on for thousands of years and are still occurring today in many places all over the world.

Problems with our Governments

Control and Surveillance

For thousands of years kings and dictators has ruled their countries, where the people have little possibility to influence the political decisions. But even in our democratic counties we can hear more and more people from all over the world saying that they are loosing trust in their governmental institutions and that they do not feel that the leaders and the political parties are representing them. The laws and rules do not benefit the citizens, and instead the laws restrict our natural rights to live our life the way we want to. Many people even feel afraid of the bear sight of our own police officers because of the risk of being mistreated and penalized. We can also see how our governments are constantly implementing new surveillance methods that infringe on our privacy and integrity.

We are forced to follow a complicated system of bureaucracy where we regularly have to reveal personal information, fill forms and pay fees for almost everything we want to do. Then we are taxed on every service which makes trade both complicated and expensive.

And if there is as much as a suspicion that we do not follow the norms of society we risk having our children taken away from us to be put into foster homes. This is not just something that happens to dysfunctional families. There are many examples of how healthy and happy families have lost or been threatened to loose their children for not following rules and regulations or just living an alternative lifestyle. It is the ultimate fear of every parent and child to loose their loved ones and it is deeply traumatizing for the affected families. These inhumane and cruel actions have become a method to force people to comply with the system, and punish those who misbehave.

For a long time now the power over our societies has been centralized away from the people as well as our nations and transferred to privately controlled organizations. The democratic process does not give us the power to influence our situation and does not serve to protect life. Today´s democracy has failed us.

Warfare and Occupation

Maybe most urgent issue of all is the unbelievable suffering caused by war. We can see how democratic countries directly engage in warfare or indirectly supports extremist revolutionary groups in resource rich countries all over the world. These wars are often justified by terminating threatening governments and spreading democracy, but in the end we can often see how these threats turn out to be lies and that the new governments become servants to the perpetrators and their resources get exploited.

All wars create severe trauma for the people involved and we can see how these countries are left in misery and ruin with problems for generations to come. These immoral and cruel actions have to come to an end.


The solutions grow from the problems as the lotus flower rises out of the muddy water. Let us take joy in our work to create great beauty and freedom. As soon as you notice yourself getting caught in negative thoughts, tell yourself to let go and remember that your love and positivity will make this world a better place. We are many and together we will succeed to restore balance to the earth and bring freedom to our people.


Understanding the root cause of the problems is necessary in order to create lasting change. This understanding also instantly makes room for peace and happiness to enter our lives as it gives us the clarity to make a positive change in ourselves.

The reason for our current problems can partly be found in the way that our society is organized. We can see how a small power elite are in control of our countries and our resources and are using them in their own interests. However, this group does not carry the full responsibility for our situation, the problem is the system as a whole. Our society can not function without the cooperation and support of a large portion of the population. In other words; The power elite is heavily dependent on us to comply.

The Ruling Mentality

To be accepted by the group is one of the most important needs that we humans have. By exploiting the natural human group behavior, the fear of being excluded and the need of acceptance, we are being manipulated into complying with the current system. This manipulation creates a mentality that serves and protects the social structures and it is by looking here that we will find the root of our problems. We refer to this as the ruling mentality which is a set of behaviors that we are taught throughout our childhood, school and our working life. Most people adopt these behaviors and this is how our system is created and preserved.

To Defend our Norms

Our norms shows us the behaviors that we are to comply with to be accepted as a part of the society and the ruling mentality is a part of these norms. This is why one of the most important ruling behaviors is that everyone makes a great effort to keep within the norms and that we accept harsh treatment of those who act differently. The ones who do step out of line risk exclusion, ridicule as well as loss of status and economical safety. It begins already in childhood where we can see children bullying other children that are different. Usually this can continue without interference for years as the schools do not make efforts to provide a safe environment for the children. In this way we are taught to follow and defend our norms as if our life’s depended on it.

Not to question Authority

In school much of the teaching consists of memorizing information given by our teachers and then being able to repeat that information which does not encourage free thinking and reasoning. To question our authorities are in many cases taken as a sign of distrust and disrespect and can be severely punished. Such behavior leads to a lack of deeper understanding as we are not supposed to question the given world view and make up our own minds. This mentality continues throughout our working life when we are expected to follow the orders of our superiors without questioning even if it goes against our own conscience.

Motivation by Greed and Fear

On top of this we have a system of motivation based on desire and fear. To gain knowledge and skills or doing a good days work is often not the reward itself but instead we are motivated by getting praise from our authorities. If we do good we get high grades or the possibility to get recognition, money and status, but if we do not meet the expectations we are threatened with the possibility of being a failure or losing our livelihood.

Lack of Personal Responsibility

We are also taught not to take responsibility for our beliefs and actions. Many people just accept a given world view without thinking twice and they also do things that go against their own ethical values because they assume there is no other way. In the working life, people act as if they have no personal responsibility as they are only following orders. The truth is that we are always responsible for our actions and this is a key understanding to solve our situation.

In short, We are taught to comply with authorities without questioning or taking responsibility driven by reward and punishment. And those who step out of the norms will be put in their place.

Suppression of Empathy

We can see how empathic qualities are being suppressed in favor of the ruling mentality. We are loosing our compassion and care for other people and sometimes even our own families. The ruling mentality is creating a cold and impersonal environment with little concern for the suffering that is caused by our actions. We are taught both by looking at our authorities and the media that personal gain and success is more important than caring for the needs of others.

We can also see this in the way that women are being discriminated in our societies. Women are naturally more caring for children and family, and with a more developed empathy they are reluctant to fully embrace the ruling mentality and support acts of violence. This is probably one of the main reasons why women have been excluded from the social hierarchy and have been treated as less important than men. Women and men need to rise up together and unite. We all need to combine strength and empathy to become balanced and powerful.

Ruling Structures

To have a social hierarchy is not in it self negative, on the contrary, it is a natural part of our societies to helps us organize efficiently and be more successful as a group. But today these natural behaviors are being used against us to control and manipulate the population. We refer to this as the ruling structures.

Promote Rulers into Power

We can see how the people that show a great willingness to comply with the ruling mentality are promoted to higher positions in school and working life. As a result almost all high positions in society today are occupied by people who follow orders without questioning and are more interested in gaining status and wealth than to do what they think is right. The top positions are in turn interconnected through even higher authorities until a pyramid of power is created that spans over nations.

Top Control

Through the ruling structure a small elite in the top of the pyramid can manipulate both politics, industry, media and most aspects of our society, without anyone interfering or even asking questions about what is happening. Many people claim that it would be impossible to have a global hidden agenda, but the ruling structures are creating the perfect circumstances for this to happen. The people in the ruling structure are largely unaware of what they are contributing to, but as they choose not to question their authorities they are not able to see the bigger picture.

Institutions of influence

Most of our social institutions are being used to protect the ruling structures and to serve the power elite and I will share some examples of how this is done.
Fraudulent Banks
To issue and circulate money is probably the most important tool in today's society. This power ultimately lies in the hands of private interests. Private banks have the power to legally create new money out of nothing, that is, without real value backing it and then borrow this money to the projects of their choosing and in this way they can control the development of our society. And by giving out big loans to individuals, companies and countries they create a situation where a large part of earth´s population and it´s nations is under the pressure of large debts. There is not enough money to repay all the loans with interest and this is causing both recession and inflation. With this powerful tool at their hands they have everything they need to control the entire ruling structure and keep the people motivated to continue their work day after day.
Make Believe Democracy
Our democracies give a false sense of freedom and influence. The system has been created so that only the big parties and politicians, that are promoted with costly campaigns have a real chance of getting votes and to come into power. This makes it almost impossible for smaller parties to ever get recognized. Honest politicians who are not willing to follow the ruling mentality are not able to advance within their political organizations. The leading parties end up to be no more than separate parts of the same ruling structure who act in the interest of the companies and lobby organizations that supports them. The system is rigged and there is little or no possibility to change it from within.
Controlled Education
To control our norms and our world view it´s essential to be able to teach and reinforce the ruling mentality and our education plays an important role in this. As we already have mentioned, our children are beginning at an early age to learn the ruling behaviors in school. There they are also taught a rigid world view that many believe to be the absolute truth. There are only a few who understand that much of what is being taught is not necessarily the truth, but ideas, theories and speculations. Even fewer understand that some things are straight out lies selected by approved authorities to fit the world view of choice which gives us a distorted picture of our past and our present situation.
Normative Media
It is through the media that much of our social conditioning and norms are being created. Through news and entertainment we are constantly bombarded with conflicts and violence together with indulgence in material wealth, beauty and pleasures. The news are painting a dark picture of a dangerous word which creates an environment where people are becoming close minded, suspicious and fearful. People do not trust each other and look up to strong authorities to give security and stability to their lives.

The TV is a very effective way to influence us because when we watch TV we change to a lower brainwave frequency where our subconscious mind easily absorbs the information and impressions that we see. It is also a natural instinct for us to look up to successful and beautiful people and want to be like them. So when we see the characters on TV we subconsciously copy their behavior and in this way we get conditioned with traits like greed, rudeness, dishonesty, cruelty, dominance and submission, jealousy, fear and egoism. Many of which are planted there by intention to strengthen the ruling structures and to create a population that it is predictable, divided and easy to control.

Counter Intelligence
An important thing to understand for our success is that there is an international organized effort to counter act the growth of oppositional movements and ideas. This is carried out through the use of secret services like the national security agency who are actively protecting the ruling structures and will fight any opposition using several techniques of psychological warfare.
The most common method is to spread disinformation, where a large amounts of false information is being propagated mostly through the internet and the mass media. This can for example take the form of exaggerated and unrealistic conspiracy theories, false accusations of antisemitism or sectarianism as well as spreading a general negative image towards anyone who tries to expose the truth about our governments. This is an attempt to discredit alternative information by creating a state of suspicion, disbelief and confusion.
Divide and Conquer
Another important technique is to divide and conquer. The secret service is doing this by studying a group or movement that they want to destroy and identifying any issues that could divide this group into two camps. Then they infiltrate the movement and start creating conflicts around that issue on both sides. This creates an emotional drainage and the power and focus of the movement is lost. At this time it is easy for the infiltrators to take over the leadership of the movement and use it for their own purposes.
False Flag Operations
Then we have the false flag operations where the secret service creates acts of terrorism against the local population and then falsely pushes the blame on an oppositional group or movement. This naturally makes the people concerned for their own safety and make them willing to support acts of violence and allow more governmental control.


Many people believe that it´s impossible that our authorities would harm and rule us. This reasoning in not logical, since our human history is riddled from beginning to end with endless examples of how the people have been ruled, oppressed, abused and murdered by their own government. To assume that our authorities have suddenly become benign and that all the dysfunction and suffering has nothing to do with the people in power shows a serious lack of rational thinking.

Our success relies on that people wake up from the false world view and understand how the ruling structures are used to manipulate and divide our people. With this knowledge we can find a common strategy to unite and take back our power!


We have a vision for a beautiful future for man kind.

Mass Awakening

We can already see the start of a mass awakening happening where people are seeing through the false world view that we have been led to believe in and opening there eyes to what is really happening in society.

Positive Ideals

We see a future where we will come together and join forces. We will find a way to unite and cooperate with each other and stand strong against any attempt to divide us. Unity is our strength and by finding a common code of conduct that we all strive towards we will have the power to change society. The positive qualities that unites us includes: To have a deep respect for everyone no matter what their beliefs are. To be humble and open to new ideas and to realize that we don´t have the whole truth. To speak and act in a peaceful and honest way and to to learn how to handle conflict in a constructive way that leads to understanding. To be motivated by sharing positivity and helping each other and to show compassion and respect for all life. To be guided by our own sense of right and wrong and to be our own leaders, always taking responsibility for our actions. These new ways will replace the old ruling mentality and become the new ideals that will lead us into the future.

Positive Structures

We will create decentralized structures where good people who we know, trust and respect will have the possibility to come into positions of influence and share their knowledge and ideas with others. These positive structures will present the voices of our movement and will direct our efforts to reform society. The people among us who have the most developed positive qualities will be promoted further where they´ll be able to give guidance and support to local groups. This method of organizing will become the new democracy and in time all the social institutions like government, banking, education, health care and media will be transformed to act for the benefit of the people and the planet. A new norm will be promoted in society where instead of focusing on making money and accumulating wealth and status the focus will be on having life quality and caring for one another. We will have time to explore creativity and fulfill our own unique dreams and visions and celebrate life together with family and friends and our community.

Personal Freedom

We will see a world where we are sovereign and free to pursue happiness in our own way. Where we all have the right to our own piece of land and access to fresh water. Where we can choose how to build our dwelling, what to grow on our land and how to educate our children. Simply put, where we can choose how to live our lives without any authority interfering. Where the natural law tells us that we can do what we like as long as we do not harm other people, do not destroy or take others property and do not act dishonest in contracts. When we choose to enter a city or village we agree to honor their rules, but outside these societies we only abide by natural law. The natural resources will be shared equally among everyone and no one can claim more land or resources than they are entitled to.

Holistic Ecology

We will see a society where we have respect for all life on the planet and we will begin the restoration of nature with natural water management, reforestation and permaculture. Wild forest areas will be increased for both humans and animals to enjoy and we will bring nature into our cities. Farm animals will be treated with respect and given a good quality of life. Toxic and polluting technologies will be replaced with clean alternatives using many already existing solutions that will be made available with open source for everyone to use. There will be an increase in self sufficiency with modern and efficient methods, so that we can easily grow food and medicine as well as produce power both in the cities and on the country side. Companies will not strive to maximize profit but will focus on creating good working conditions and high quality products without harming nature. This will be regulated by the employees themselves as each individual will take full responsibility for their actions.

The solutions for most of our problems are already available. We can have clean resources for everyone on the planet. The problem is not a lack or resources but poor resource management. What we need is a positive leadership that brings forward the best qualities in all of us to do what we all know is right.


Dedication to peace

We want to work for the benefit of all living beings, To help each other to do good and avoid hurting anyone To understand the world and get closer to the truth, And to create peace on our planet and in our minds. We invite everyone who share the same intentions to use our strategies in their own work.

Plan of Action

Mission Statement

Our strategy is simple and direct. We will create a network of independent groups to increase unity within and in-between all people, groups and movements so that we can act together in a common cause for peace and freedom. We will come together in large numbers to share our knowledge, friendship and positivity while at the same time displaying our message of freedom and unity.

Strategic Overview

The first thing that we want you to do is to create a strategic overview. The overview consists of four parts. First make a list of the most important problems. Second an analysis of the root causes of these problems. Third, a vision for the future. And last a three part strategy that includes plans for what you can do in your community, a code of conduct that brings out our most positive qualities and a list of possible solutions for our world problems. The strategic overview can be created as a mind map or written down as a document. Make sure to only write down the most important issues of all. Use the overview to focus your efforts and keep your direction. The layout is almost the same as this presentation and it can be used as a template for your own work.

Circles of Trust

Our system of organization is designed to create a structure that is difficult to infiltrate and manipulate and at the same time efficient and focused. Where everyone has the possibility to get their voice heard and to contribute to the outcome. Now I will explain how you can start your own freedom group and become a part of the truth revolution.
Create a Circle
Now we want you to introduce your friends to the united awakening peace strategy and invite them to be part of a circle which is a group of no more then five people. When you have reached five members continue to invite new people but prepare to split the group into two new circles. In this way the groups can multiply and spread in new directions.

Each group will act autonomously and have a shared leadership where all decisions will be made with consensus. Everyone will have the possibility to express their point of view in confidence and have the time to listen and give support to each other. To have small groups protects us from negative group behavior where the ruling mentality easily takes over and leaves the group with inefficient meetings, conflicts and power struggles.

The independent circles are the core of our movement where we can develop friendship, support each other and carry out projects together.

Conduct a Circle
When you hold a circle make sure to respect everyone’s word and time. This means to let everyone speak to the point without interruption and that everyone gets equal amount of time to speak. We recommend using a talking stick and if needed a timer, to make things easier and more efficient. Begin by sitting down in a circle and share information from your strategy. When everyone has spoken, you compile a new strategic overview together. Before the meeting is over the circle will agree on one of you to be chosen as a trustee. The trustee will represent the group as a whole when needed and should be someone that you trust and believe to have many positive qualities. A new trustee can be chosen at any time.
Create a Positive Structure
To cooperate in between groups you can create what we call a positive structure. Begin by gathering trustees from different groups and create a new circle with no more than five people where you share your strategic overview with each other. This information will then once again be compiled into a new overview. End by choosing a new trustee for this group. This newly formed group can connect 25 people and we refer to this as a circle of the second degree and the trustee chosen for this group will be called a trustee of the second degree.

If you want to connect even more people the same procedure can continue by creating a circle of the 3:d degree which can connect a maximum of 125 people. This can continue until everyone is a part of the positive structure. The circle of the highest degree is called the center circle and consist of some of the most trusted and respected people from all groups and the strategies that they present can contain the best ideas from everyone.

Positive Visibility

One of our objectives is to make our message and movement visible. The amount of aware people in the world is growing steadily, and if we can demonstrate our numbers for everyone to see, that would give motivation for many more to step forward and join our cause. We aim to regularly gather aware people in public places such as town squares and parks as well as organize parties and events. We will meet in a spirit of unity and positivity and our main goals are to have a good time and to organize ourselves. Together with our friends and allies we will celebrate life, create new bonds of friendship and condense our combined intelligence in to blueprints for positive action.

We want to make ourselves seen as much as possible by showing our message to everyone. Put up flags and signs and wear pins and t-shirts with a short positive messages such as: Peace, Sovereignty, Unity, Awakening, Love, Truth, Freedom and Positivity. It´s good to hand out short printouts from your strategic overview and to share material about the united awakening strategy. You can also sell t-shirts and pins with our positive message. Remember, this is a movement for everyone, all our minor differences like age, sex, race and background are not important. We are looking forward to seeing diverse gatherings where we all come together to voice our shared desire for peace, unity and freedom. Young and old, man and woman, rich and poor, black, yellow, red and white, let´s come together and unite!


The next thing we recommend you to do is to organize a gathering where you can create a positive structure in an open space. Find a good place like a park, set a date and invite friends to come. At the gathering the first focus is to have a good time and make new friends. After half an hour you can invite everyone who is dedicated to peace to sit down in circles of five people each to share ideas about the current situation and what we can do to create positive change. Before the circles begin, explain how to conduct a circle and make a short introduction to the structure of the strategic overview. Everyone will get five minutes each to speak in their group. Set a timer and start the circles with a signal. When the time is out signal again and take a moment for everyone to come to an end. Then continue in the same way until all five in every group have spoken. When everyone is done you can ask the circles to take the last five minutes to choose a trustee among themselves.

When the first round of circles are done ask all chosen trustees to come back again for the next round after a 15 minute break. Tell everyone else that they are welcome to sit in and listen or just enjoy the gathering. Continue having new rounds of circles until there is only one circle left. This is the center circle and it will be held in a similar way but this time everyone will be invited to listen. You can accomplish this by creating a big circle around the center circle, or having the center circle on a stage. If you have a large crowd you can use a microphone and a sound system. Then start the last circle where the people speaking will have the opportunity to be heard by everyone and make recommendations for group action.

After the talking has ended you can invite everyone to the next gathering and ask them to bring their friends along. Then you can continue enjoying the gathering and networking with the people. A gathering can be of any size. You can start with only your own circle and over time the amount of circles will increase until thousands of people will come together and unite.

Positive Code of Conduct

To have a common code of conduct will create a great support for us all to bring out our best qualities as well as protect our movement from psychological attacks. To follow a code makes it easier to stay firmly on our path and to do it together with friends will create a tight bond that will strengthen us all. Every time we bring the codes to mind they will become more integrated in us until they become second nature.

The code of Sovereignty

You are sovereign, your highest authority and the leader of your own life. You are important and your life is precious. No one else can tell you what is right or wrong. No one else can decide what you should do. You must take full responsibility for every aspect of your life in order to be free. It doesn´t matter matter what anyone else says, you know this to be true, and you will act accordingly. Acknowledging you sovereignty gives strength, self respect and confidence. Faced with difficult situations, harsh words and temptations you can stand your ground and remain calm. From this powerful state you can take your time to gain clarity and then decide how you want to respond.

We need to stand up against negative behaviors in our society as well as in ourselves. Many people tend to look at their own negative behaviors as part of their identity and they try to protect them, but when we understand that many of these traits come from social conditioning with the intention to manipulate us we can and will break them. We will make sovereignty a golden rule by standing up for what we believe in and expressing our freedom.

The code of Unity

To achieve peace we need to put our differences aside and unite in a common cause. We must act with honor by treating each other with kindness and acceptance even when we do not share the same world view. To create peace in the world we must start by creating peace within our groups.

The key to solving a conflict is to stop focusing on getting your point of view through and instead open up to understand the other one´s perspective. To do so you must be able to notice your own reaction patterns and calm down. Then you can start listening and asking questions to get a clear understanding. Listen with interest and you will find the positive intention behind the words and actions. All humans make mistakes and we all have aspects of our personality that need improvement. What we need to do is accept each other in our imperfection and support each other to develop our best qualities. When someone feels understood and accepted it creates a relaxed state from where it is possible to see a common solution.

Conflict is one of the main tools to drain our energy and keep us divided. This is why we must dedicate our selves to create peace within our movement. We will avoid conflicts at all costs by treating everyone with respect. We will include everyone and stand against no one. Together we will make peaceful conduct a golden rule and this will pave the road for cooperation and success.

The code of Positivity

We strive to have a positive mindset as a way of life. When you look at things in a positive way it instantly makes you feel better and gives you the courage to believe in yourself and follow your own path. Positivity creates good vibrations that radiates out to everyone around us, and it helps us create good outcomes and achieve our goals. Happiness is what we all want , and a positive attitude is the way to get there.

To look at the problems is important, but we must make sure not to get caught in negativity and fear. Notice when you have negative thoughts and then let go of them by focusing on finding a positive approach towards the situation. When you interact with others, talk about your own feelings and needs without using any judgments, without blaming anyone and without using harsh words. Instead of saying what you don't like, say what you do like. Instead of saying what you don't have, say what you want. Instead of focusing on the problems, focus on the solutions. Together we will make positivity a golden rule so that we can make the best of each moment as we work towards peace.

Life Recommendations

Focus on the Now

There is a natural way of being where we are relaxed and focused at the same time, where we can truly enjoy our life and feel happy. In this state there are no thoughts and instead our focus is directed towards our experience of the present moment. To be present is an optimal state of mind to increase learning, perform at our maximum ability, speed up our reactions and to experience profound joy.

To induce this state you can do a simple practice. Relax you body and focus on anything that you experience at that moment, it can be the feeling of your breath or a sound in the distance. Then keep taking your attention back to the same focal point over and over again. If you continue doing this your thoughts will begin to subside and instead you other senses will start to become more activated. After a long time the experience can become very profound and will eventually lead to a deep sensation of inner peace.

When you empty your mind from the flow of thoughts you makes space for clarity and new understanding to come. This exercise is a powerful tool for getting creative ideas, good solutions, and new insights. Our intelligence spans far beyond our thinking mind, and when we quiet our thoughts we have the possibility to access this vast human potential. You can do this practice throughout the day whenever you have the possibility. Spend regular time in solitude where you can focus all your attention inwards and experience how it feels to be alive. The experience of just being is without limit and is always available to us.

Invest in Free Time

When we think through how we consume we can change our life situation for the better with little effort. Everything that you consume, food, things and entertainment has a direct effect on you, our society and the planet. We are taught that we can buy our selves satisfaction and that to be able buy anything we want is a sign of freedom. But people who can not restrain their impulses, buy more than they need and do not think through their investments will have to work long hours to pay for their consuming habits and so end up with less freedom. Most people spend a big part of their lives working full time and longing for time off and vacations, and yet they could have much more free time if they consumed less. The ultimate freedom is not to be able to consume without limit, but to be able to live your life the way you choose to and follow your dreams. The common desire for riches and luxury is something we have learned through social conditioning with the intention to make us eager consumers. Deep down we all know that life has a much greater purpose and this is what we need to look for.

If you buy only what you need, and make an effort to spend your money wisely you can have good health, free time and you will minimize your support this destructive system. To keep a simple and healthy lifestyle can be a great satisfaction in it self and gives us the prefect opportunity to lay off negative habits. We encourage buying things in second hand stores, eating healthy homemade foods and instead of spending time in cafes, restaurants and bars you can meet your friends at home, in parks and in nature. We only need small amounts of money for basic necessities and comforts, and as we become less dependent on money and things, we become more free.


In this last part we will take a look at what we believe to be some of the most important reformations that we want to see in our societies.

Responsible Banking

The privates banks have a great power that is being used for personal gain. To resolve this problem all debt that is created as credit without value backing it is to be considered fraudulent. No interest should be paid on fraudulent debts and all interest already payed on these debts must be returned. We must put a stop to the bailouts of these banks and their assets should be used to cover their depths to the people. The power to issue and circulate money must be limited to banks that we trust and that are serving us without self interest. This money will then be used to fund holistic projects that will benefit the society. Ultimately the power to issue money must be decentralized to your local community bank that is governed by a positive structure.

Positive Democracy

Our current democracy is not functioning and needs to be reformed so that it is representing the people through the use of positive structures. To achieved this we need to change the voting procedure so that it resembles the circles of trust where we only vote on a small number of people in our local community that we know and trust. We need to base our society on personal sovereignty and keep the power to choose our way of life in our homes and communities. To do this we first have to regain national sovereignty and then continue to decentralize power until it is back in our own hands.

Shared Natural Resources

Today’s ownership structure is based on thousands of years of stealing and plundering and must be considered unlawful. Our natural resources belong to everyone and the ownership and surplus must be shared equally. We must also reserve large areas for wildlife so that animals can live in their natural habitat. Everyone will have the right to their own private piece of land and until all land has been transferred back to the people we propose that to claim unused and ill-treated land is made fully legal and encouraged.

Open Source Technology

All copyrighted material has to be given to the people free to replicate and use after a minimal period of exclusive rights. In this way we could create standardized technology that is low cost, efficient and easy to make and repair. This would also open up for revolutionizing technology that has been suppressed to be made public and used for the benefit of everyone. To do this would instantly make way for an optimization of resource usage and make a new industrial revolution possible.

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